Star's Wish

Miles beneath the ocean surface, to an infinite expanse of sand deep below, a single starfish sauntered aimlessly through the darkness.

Up, and up, the starfish climbed a hill of sand. As he traversed the steep incline, rocky coral intertwined, and soon, the starfish was scaling up towards the water surface.

Swimming and swirling up the rocks, the starfish began to feel the ebb and flow of the ocean's current, which he took for a ride with ease, for his body was light as a feather when compared to the magnitude of the seven seas.

The ocean ripples brought the starfish close to shore, and in the clear, tranquil, turquoise and blue waters on this majestic night, lead in the entirety of our galaxy's light.

The starfish had never seen something so inspiring, and to commemorate the grandeur and opulence of the night, the starfish wished a wish with all his might.

The starfish wanted to traverse the cosmos again. In his dreams, every night, he had surfed memories of the celestial skies. He was sure that he had once danced among them, but couldn't tell why.

Then, the moment he made his wish, a shooting star passed by, and caught his somber reverie – carrying it millions of miles across the universe.

It would not be long before the starfish was reunited with his friends, once again.

Star's Wish
Star's Wish
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