Welcome to the Animated-Photography World!

Showing the secret life of our daily items.
Every object has a story to tell.


It was another peaceful day in the forest, no disturbance, nothing to worry about.

The wind started to blow gently and the rain poured with an incredible gentleness.

Shroom Jr. got startled by the big rain drops, being the first rain he ever encountered in his life.

"Don't you worry little Shroom", His mom-shroom said, "I'll always be right here by your side".

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Food Fight!

It seemed a quiet day for the fruits and veggies that were hanging around. Nothing forespoke an unfortunate event.

That until the mad strawberry descended and brought chaos into the lives of all.

The cutting sound of knives was everywhere, slices and pieces of veggies and fruits started spreading all over the countertop.

No one knew when it all started, but it sure ended in a large bowl, as a delicious salad.

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Junk Food

Tired after a filthy day, the trash bin decided to eat downtown.

After all, since he was taking so much trash from everybody, he thought that a delicious dinner was the perfect treat for his hard work.

So, he decided to suppress his frustration by indulging in unhealthy food, but which tasted darn good.

One by one, pizza slices, French fries, and bites of hamburger ended up in the trash bin.

He never stopped until he was completely full. But all those moments of pleasure ended up in agony, as he now had to get rid of all that waste.

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Star's Wish

"Everybody is wishing upon a star, so why wouldn't I do the same", a small but brave starfish thought.

There were so many falling stars that reflected in the sea's clear water, open the door to making countless wishes.

But our starfish had just one ardent wish.

He wanted to live among the stars on the sky, to be bright and shiny, not hidden underneath the deep blue waters.

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Blown Away

There was razzle-dazzle in the small balloon city.

Hundreds of colored balloons were gathered in one place, whispering about a tragedy.

As we got closer, we saw a blue balloon officer that was gathering evidences from the crime scene.

There were bits of balloon scattered everywhere and a blot of water that made everyone else shiver.

Will our blue balloon officer solve the mystery? The killer sure didn't get too far.

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Love Drunk

Beer was in love with Champagne for such a long time, but he had one major question, after so many years of relationship.

Will he be good enough for the fine and elegant Champagne? Will she accept his proposal?

Frozen by emotions, at a sunset on a quiet beach corner, Beer took his chance now and forever.

And she said yes, marking the start of a rather mind-numbing combination.

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Back to my Roots

A new day began, and Patrick the potted plant stretched his leaves high into the air.

But then, a wind rushed through the wild outside air, and varied sounds from nature wandered in for Patrick to hear.

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If you take a little break from your daily routine you may find a way to completely change your life!
It's the story of a little snail that wanted to change his life and see what the world has to offer.

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